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Brett Gadsden, Emory University

11 March 2014

Rheta Grimsley Johnson, Columnist

6 September 2012

Jason Saul, Photographer

16 March 2011
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Thomas Gaines, Photographer

31 January 2011
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Nancy Marshall, Photographer

John McWilliams, Photographer

21 October 2010
photo essay

Laurie Kay Sommers, Independent Scholar

17 August 2010

Tom Rankin, Photographer

15 February 2010
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Peter West, Adelphi University

9 February 2010

Richard Brooks, Photographer

15 December 2009
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Jorge de la Llama, Photographer

15 November 2009
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Patrick Oglesby, Photographer

1 November 2009
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Louis Bickett, Photographer

15 October 2009
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Glynnis Ritchie, Photographer

28 August 2009
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Amy Louise Wood, Illinois State University

27 April 2009

Keith Willis, Photographer

15 March 2009
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Rodney Jones, Southern Illinois University

22 January 2009

Bradley Hanson, Brown University

20 November 2008

Tom Rankin, Photographer

31 October 2008
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Robin Conner, Georgia State University

Paul Johnson, Photographer

10 October 2008
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Earl Dotter, Photographer

16 July 2008
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Shamus Warren, Photographer

1 March 2008
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Sarah Toton, Emory University

15 January 2008

Arjan Sessing, Photographer

1 November 2007
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Elizabeth Strickler, Georgia State University

2 October 2007
short video

William G. Thomas III, University of Nebraska
Brooks Miles Barnes, Eastern Shore Public Library; Tom Szuba, University of Virginia

31 July 2007

Luther Brown, Delta State University

22 June 2006

S Zebulon Baker (compiler), Emory University

Illustrations by Kerry Soper, Brigham Young University

21 March 2006