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  • Fall Creek

    As though shedding an old skin,
    Fall Creek slips free from fall's weight,
    clots of leaves blackening snags,
    back of pool where years ago
    local lore claims clothes were shed
    by a man and woman wed
    less than a month, who let hoe
    and plow handle slip from hands,
    left rows half done, crossed dark waves
    of bottomland to lie on
    a bed of ferns, make a child,
    and all the while the woman
    stretching both arms behind her
    over the bank, hands swaying
    wrist-deep in current — perhaps
    some old wives' tale, water’s pulse
    pulsing what seed might be sown,
    or just her need to let go
    the world awhile, let the creek
    wash away every burden
    her life had carried so far,
    open a room for this new
    becoming as her body
    flowed around her man like water.


    Published in Raising the Dead (2003).
    Text may vary slightly from the video reading.

    Published: 6 December 2007
    © 2007 Ron Rash and Southern Spaces